Style File – Autumn Casual in the Wild

Hey folks!

How’s everyone’s week been? Any fellow NaNoWriMo writers out there working on their manuscripts? They say that week one of NaNoWriMo is the easiest for most. Something I’ve definitely found to be true. I’ve made time to write almost every day and am ahead of the curve on my next series.

BUT, that’s not what I wanna talk about today. I looked at my past posts and realized I haven’t done a Style File entry in a while! And now that it’s fall (yay, fall!) and it’s getting dark so early, I thought it’d be a good chance to add to the style files.

This week’s was easy because this outfit was already put together for me on Pinterest. I just love leopard and animal prints (when used in moderation, of course).  I also love, love, looooove the combination of browns and blacks in an outfit. I remember growing up, my sister used to always yell at me for wearing a brown shirt with black jeans (and admittedly, when I was eight, I’m sure I was doing it ALL WRONG), but even back then, there was something about that color combination that grabbed me.








So, with this outfit, I love the pencil jeans (that aren’t super, super skinny), camel/yellow colored cashmere sweater, down vest and leopard shoes. I would add to this outfit gold and brown eyeshadow and liner and a casual but polished ponytail, like these:


Now, if only I had the face and body of Ms. Theron to pull off the whole outfit! =0)









And lastly, I’ve included one more fabulous example of a brown and black ensemble that just couldn’t be ignored.

How HOTT is this outfit?? It’s basically a tie between this one and the one above. I would keep the makeup the same, but wear my hair down in loose waves.


All right, all! Have a lovely weekend!





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