New Year. New Goals.

I’m a member of RWA – the NYC chapter (for those who don’t know, this is the Romance Writers of America). This group is full of amazing women and fellow writers. Every January, we all write down a couple of goals for the year and put them into a time capsule. In December, we revisit and access our goals. It’s usually a private moment, no need to share…it’s only for you.

I actually was not able to be at the December meeting (December is a crazy busy season in photography!), however, I remember what my goals were, even though I hadn’t even remembered about the time capsule!My goals were:

1) Revise Soul Stripper and find an agent or publisher
2) Write a sequel to Soul Stripper
3) Write a novella

Of these goals, I revised Soul Stripper and miraculously found a publisher (squeee!). I started the sequel and am about halfway finished. And I did write a novella. Overall, I did pretty well and I’m stoked to think up my 2013 goals. I highly recommend doing this for anyone–author or not! I love the idea of making your goals and then putting them away. It’s kind of nice not to have a resolution looming over you. And I think somehow the goals DID stay in my mind–but it wasn’t as smothering as some of the other goals I’ve made in the past.

I think I’m going to make the hubby join me in writing a few goals down and putting them in our own personal time capsule this year!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday, everyone!

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