I Should Be…

Writing. I should be writing right now. But I’m not. Well, I guess you could argue I’m BLOGGING which is SORT OF writing, but I think my editor would argue with you considering this book is due in ::checks watch:: a couple of months.

It’s like my brain knows that my heart’s not into it, so every time I sit down and open that document, it wanders. It more than wanders…my damn brain breaks free of its leash and goes tearing through the neighborhood like an escaped dog.

This is how my brain works to avoid buckling down:
“It’s time to write, Kat. Write. Write. Sit down and use your fingers to move across the keyboard. Write. Wright. Wright brothers. Airplanes. Flying. Travel. Croatia–man, I want to go back to Croatia. I wonder how our friends that we met on our honeymoon are doing? She worked in PR for DSW. Oh, is DSW having any sales? Hm, no. Maybe Zappos has something. Oh, that’s right, free shipping. Oh, wait, now that I’ve bought something I should get rid of something. What’s in my closet? Awww, my monkey slippers! I love these things. Monkeys are adorable. I wish I could adopt a monkey…is that legal in Brooklyn?”

THIS IS HOW MY MIND WORKS. ::sigh:: So, anyway, time to get back to writing.

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