Well, Hello 2018!

It is currently -10 degrees outside right now. Colder with windchill. In other words, it’s miserable. But this morning, I turned to Sean and said, “I need to get out of the house today.”

Even though it’s cold. Even though it’s miserable out. Being cooped up in my house with a messy bun and laptop and nine week old puppy was grating on my nerves. I needed to start 2018 with good coffee, big dreams, and large word counts, writing in a coffee shop. =)

I don’t tend to be great at resolutions. I keep them for like, a day, and then forget about them. Or just all together get annoyed and give up, ultimately resulting in my disappointment of myself. So no more resolutions for me.

BUT I have always done well with goals. You might be saying to yourself, ummm, Katana, goals and resolutions are essentially the same thing. But I disagree. A resolution is a typically a commitment to make a lifelong change–and that’s why I always fail. Because there is an inevitable falling off the wagon. I once made a resolution to stop biting my nails. It lasted until that evening when we went to see a movie and it was so intense, I didn’t realize I was biting my nails throughout it. Whereas a goal has a finish line. I can set a goal to hit a word count of 2500 words per day, rather than my typical 2000 words per day until I finish my book.

So what are some of my goals this year? I want to increase my average word count and in turn, increase my productivity–hopefully resulting in finishing at least one extra book yearly. I’m aiming for 4-5 books this year! Which means… getting organized. And staying focused.

Tell me friend, what are some of your goals and resolutions for 2018?

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