Tuesday Tails: Catstravaganza!

It’s Tuesday Tails: Castravaganza!
Let me start by saying that at this week’s featured shelter (The Siamese Cat Rescue Center), there are NO FEES to adopt senior cats! They come with full work ups and yet, they just want to see these old timers fall into a good home.

Last week, I saw an article posted by Lise Horton about how a local shelter here in Brooklyn was being overrun by kittens. It’s definitely that season where those kittens that were born in June are now three months old and running out on their own and in turn then being dumped at various shelters.

Are you thinking about adopting a baby kitten? If so, run to your nearest shelter. I would bet a hundred dollars that they have kittens coming out of the hoo-ha, just waiting for your loving arms.

That being said, I noticed at the Siamese Cat Rescue Center  that they were featuring their “old timers”…. cats that had been with their rescue and without their forever homes for far too long. Because they were featuring more than one, I had a hard time choosing only one to feature. So, here are three of their old timers who are in desperate need of homes. They all seem to be in the south (Florida and Georgia). So, if you’re inclined to adopt an older cat or if you could just share this post… because maybe someone in your life or friends list is looking to fill out their homes with a furry cuddly family member. =)

Up first, PEMA!

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Okay, Pema’s not exactly a senior kitty! But for some reason, she’s gone overlooked for far too long. At only 4 year old Pema (in FL), is a perfect cat for someone who works all day and wants only one pet, or someone who is home a lot but doesn’t want a needy or vocal cat. She’s playful, but very good at entertaining herself with toys. She is always happy to have attention, but not demanding.

Perfect litter box habits, not a fussy eater. Another one that would like to be an only; as you said, much harder to find a home, but with enough shares, we’ll find a cat-loving family that is looking for just one, I hope? http://va.siameserescue.org

Up next, another beautiful blue, MEISHA!








This senior kitty is 14 years old and in GA… and as you can see, she’s still so young at heart! Meisha’s front paws are declawed and she’s a bit afraid of other kitties so she needs a situation where no one will bother her. These senior kitties come with full bloodwork, urinalysis, thyroid checks, dental work done, and so Meisha will have NO FEES INVOLVED TO ADOPT HER! So if you can all help us find someone wonderful for a senior cat, that would be fantastic! http://va.siameserescue.org if you know of anyone who can give this gal a loving home!

Lastly, we have NATE!


Nate is11873387_10152964623797015_149727759557269944_n an 11 year old, 2 paw declawed playful cat who’d like to be your only cat. He loves men! Perfect adopter would be a male who loves cats, wants a playful cat, but can respect boundaries. Alpha female personality also okay! Nipping behaviors do exist, as is common with cats who have been declawed (no, we didn’t do it), so no small kids. Between all of us, surely we can find someone like that anywhere in the state of Florida or nearby who would at least give him a try. Let’s see how many people you all know that you could share this with, who might be able to share this with someone they know? Come On, MEEZER LOVERS, let’s find NATE a HOME!!!

Nate is currently in Florida. While we have transport, a very long trip for this guy is probably out – anywhere in Florida certainly fine, surrounding states could be considered. And he’s a Test Drive kitty, which means if we find a good situation for him and they just want to give him a try, without a full commitment, we can do that, NO FEES involved (application still required).


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