Tuesday Tails: Candace (Houston, TX)

Meet Candace
Looking for a Home — Homeless for 173 days
(I cannot believe this sweet baby has gone overlooked for this long!)


Hi! My name is Candace, but lots of my friends call me Cdb751550-0e2b-420a-8dc2-afe46cd35780andy because they say I’m as sweet as a jelly bean. I’m famous for my super friendly personality and my toothy grin, which I take everywhere I go!

I came to the shelter when my owner got very sick and just couldn’t take care of me anymore. Many tears were shed, but I’ve got a positive outlook on my future!

Why I’d be a great doggie match for you:

• I’m 100% house trained and have not had an accident indoors, even when left home during a full workday! For less trusting folks, I’m also comfortable being left in a crate while you are away.

• Training games are super fun for me! I know how to sit and stay, shake paw, come, and I make eye contact on cue.

• People are my first priority! I love just about everyone I meet. My hospitality skills are unparalleled! I am extremely attentive and affectionate with guests, and have been known to fall asleep standing up as to not miss all the action.

• As for my family – I want to cuddle them and be by their side whenever possible. I’d be in heaven in your bed with you! On the other hand, I am also willing to sleep on the floor, if that’s what you really prefer.

• My hobbies include: looking out the window for cats and squirrels, chasing my tail while jumping, playing with wet towels, chewing on bones, playing with stuffed animals, playing with little dogs, wrestling with humans, going on walks and runs, and running next to the bike. I also really enjoy floating on a raft in a pool!

Don’t deny yourself any longer – meet me at FFL and you will surely satisfy your sweet tooth with my winning personality!



Friends For Life
107 E. 22nd Street
Houston, TX 77008
Specifically you can find me HERE!

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