The Hurricane

My husband and I were in Paris last weekend for work reasons–when Hurricane Sandy hit. We were supposed be flying out the Monday the storm came to NYC/NJ. We watched the news in France in disbelief as we watched our beloved city and surrounding towns torn apart. While we were fine and safe, we were terrified for our friends and our dogs back at home. Our friends were fine, albeit some without power. Our dogs were fine. And our apartment was fine. Now that we’ve been home for a couple of days, I could not be more proud of my city. We volunteered on Sunday and donated items as well–there were so many volunteers that it was actually hard to find a place that needed more hands. That is a fantastic problem to have. They still need a lot of help, of course, but we were limited to places we could walk to.

My fingers are crossed that the nor’easter headed this way will pass by with our areas unaffected. Off to get some writing done and counting my blessings every minute for what I have.

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