Why Write?

Why do we write? Why do we put our souls on a page, work hours upon hours after our day jobs to put out stories that may or may not get ripped to shreds by reviews?

Is it because we want to leave a legacy? Because some of us feel as though our day jobs are not creatively challenging enough? Or is it the only way the voices in our head will quiet?

For me, the answer is a little more simple–it’s fun. And I think that most authors would agree with this statement. Writing is a labor of love. I know very few authors who make millions (actually, I don’t personally know ANY) and even fewer who  make their full living off of writing. Most of us have day jobs. And we write because we have a passion for it. We sacrifice our evenings, our weekends, family events, sleep habits, etc just to find that extra hour or two each day to let that story that has been itching inside of us free.

But for the first time, I’m writing on a deadline…and I’ll admit, it’s so much harder. There is an added pressure not only to get the sequel to my first book finished, but to also blog, market the first book, tweet, facebook…all the while maintaining my day job and for added fun, planning a wedding that happens ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! That is a lot to take on. And it’s so easy to become frustrated with the second book.  Book #2 is my red-headed step-child that I am slowly learning while she is different–I still love her dearly.

When this frustration mounts, it helps to remind myself why I write. To sit down and list the reasons why I love what I do. And when I start to feel frustrated, I can look at this list and be reminded that this opportunity–this deadline. This website. This blog…they were all something I had been working towards my whole life.  And after a deep breath, I continue to the next chapter.

I have made a promise to my fiance that I will NOT be writing on our wedding day. That will be a hard one to keep since I have an entire morning of nothing to do! Hair/Makeup peeps don’t arrive until noon…THINK OF ALL THE WORDS THAT COULD BE WRITTEN IN THE MORNING.

But a promise is a promise. And I suppose it would be terrible to begin my marriage on a lie. ;0)

Happy writing to all!

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