How to Photograph a Book Flatlay in Six Steps (Part 1)

Friends! I’m trying something new. And awkward. And it makes me super nervous (hello vulnerability!), to put myself out there in a series of videos like this, but ultimately, I think it’s something a LOT of us want to know and see! So stick with me if you want to learn how to take Social Media Worthy Photographs!

You know that feeling? The one where you’re standing with your phone in one hand and your book in the other, totally at a loss for how to take a decent picture of it? You know you need to. You need a decent photograph to post to social media with your review/book launch/etc. And you want to make it look pretty. But you just don’t know where to begin?
You are NOT alone!

You may or may not know that in my previous life (well, let’s be honest, it’s still my current life, too!) I was a professional photographer. I received my BFA in photography. Owned my own portrait studio. Photographed food for a This Not That diet book. And worked for companies such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Animal Fair Magazine.

I want to share what I know with you. If you’re a reader, blogger, or author who is craving to know how to take better flatlays (or how to photograph them at all!), then this 3-Part Video Series on How to Photograph A Book Flatlay in Six Simple Steps is for YOU.

I’m here to tell you how! With my Six Simple Steps to Photograph a Book Flatlay, you’ll get that nudge in the right direction and learn how to style and photograph your books for social media.

Here’s Part One: Styling! And join me next week for Part Two: Photography Fundamentals.
And I’ll be doing a Q&A on my Facebook page, so pop over there to follow the fun and chime in with questions of your own!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!

At 7pm last night, I finished book 3 (SOUL SURRENDER) in the Soul Stripper series! I celebrated with an iced coffee and dinner with the hubs. This is usually the time that I take a day off, relax, go to the beach…but unfortunately, my best friend and beach buddy is currently in Chile laying out without me.

While for others, Fridays are the party day–the last work day before two glorious and blissful days off. But for me? They are like my Wednesday. Tomorrow I have a big day of photoshoots (6, to be exact!) and on Sunday I have a sweet little newborn session.

So…as my big celebration this morning for having finished my book, I stayed in bed an extra thirty minutes. WOO-HOO. Also, I feel this photo sums up my Friday morning pretty well.
Only instead of a cat named Cat, it’s a chihuahua named Bebop laying on me.

52 Shades of 30

As I may have mentioned, I’m turning 30 in a couple of months. My writing goal was that I wanted to have a book published before I turned 30–Soul Stripper hits the shelves literally one month before my July 2nd birthday. Of course, I also made this goal at 25 (unsuccessfully so) and had I not accomplished it at 30, I would have set a new goal for 35.

That being said, I think goals are incredibly important. I’m setting new goals for myself as I type this. I’m not sure how I feel about sharing the new goals–I’ll have to think on that and get back to you. Goals as a general tend to be super personal for me; a journey I’m not sure I want any passengers for.

However, I’ve decided to start a photographic project–52 Shades of 30. Essentially (again, as most of you know, I am a photographer), I will be photographing self-portraits of myself once a week for my 30th year. I haven’t decided whether to do the project digitally with my Canon Mark ii or with film and my Hasselblad. Of course, digital will be SO much easier to maintain, however, I think the Hasselblad would take the project to another level.

I will keep you all posted on the progress and even post the images as they come. =0)