Style Files – Craving

Contrary to popular belief ::ehem:: I am not suddenly a millionaire now that I’ve sold my first book. (For the record…I’m not sure many people actually believe that writers are millionaires anymore, but it felt like a good way to start…)

I love to shop. But I don’t necessarily have the money to shop as much as I would like. Hence the reason pinterest and online window shopping are amazing things. I would like to add this look to my style files…It’s the perfect casual outfit in my opinion!

::sigh:: who wants to go to Uniqlo with me??

I love everything about this outfit. The only change I might make is a more dangly earring. I’d put the pearls in my second or third piercing though.


I would wear this coat over top if it was still chilly out. Because…I mean really. Look at it. It’s beautiful. And it’s called the “Coffee Shop Cardigan.” IT’S CLEARLY MEANT FOR ME!


This bag doesn’t necessarily match perfectly, but it is SO CUTE. And I like that extra pop of color it adds. Particularly since this is an outfit I would wear to go write at a cafe. And this bag looks as though it could hold my laptop.





And lastly, this is how I would wear my hair. Because it’s cute. It’s casual and it fits with the whole look.
If anyone wants to buy me ANY of these things I will happily accept said gifts. =0) Happy hump day, my friends!!