When I went to type this title–I spelled USMMER! Ugh. That defines what mush my brain is these days.

The past few weeks have been absolute insanity and have consisted of me TRYING to get back to my normal writing schedule. I was out of town for almost two weeks visiting my awesome family (some adorable pictures to come of my niece’s dance recital). Then Sean and I had Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. Soul Stripper did quite well in its ComicCon premiere. And–I unintentionally had a few too many martinis on Saturday night wherein I found it appropriate to talk to everyone and anyone about my writing processes as an erotic author.

Yeah. Yikes. If you were caught in that crossfire……well, I’m sorry.

When we arrived back to the city (Monday at midnight), I had to meet one of my best friends (also a writer and someone with whom I write with every single day at a coffee shop) to say goodbye. She was packing her things and moving cross the country to the city where palm trees and beaches rule–LA. It was one of the hardest days and the longest cries I’ve had in a long time. Krista is a large personality. And as such, her absence leaves a gaping hole wherever she goes.

She’s going to be fabulous out there. And I hope she’s happy with all that sunshine and beaches and tepid winters…ugh. New Yorkers HATE those things. ;0)

In the meantime, I’ve spent the past week trying to write alone in coffee shops. Which when you’ve had someone across from you to bounce dieas off of for two years–writing alone is incredibly intimidating.

So–that’s what’s going on with me. If you see me curled in a coffee shop corner sobbing, feel free to come give me a hug. Or a latte. Or just ignore me…cause hey, that’s what NYers do.

Happy Sunday to all!

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