Style File Friday: Afternoon Tea

Style File Friday: Afternoon Tea

Okay, so really, how many of us ACTUALLY have afternoon tea? Probably not many. But this is just a sweet, versatile outfit that can be dressed up to be a nice night out or paired with flats and a ponytail for a nice but more casual outing… like brunch. Or tea.


I absolutely adore the color combination here… peach and gray is extremely flattering to a lot of different skin tones. And that manicure??? ::faints:: I die. It’s gorgeous. I’m truly terrible at doing my nails though and that looks like quite a feat!

I also preferred the look of the slightly pointy/patent leather flats rather than the rounded toe. I always think it looks a bit more mature and sophisticated whereas the rounded toe is younger; cuter.

And lastly, I thought I’d throw in the “perfect pony” how-to. I’ve never tried this ponytail before (because honestly, if I’m curling my hair, I’m NOT gonna be throwing it into a ponytail after), but it looks like it could be on the easy side. And it is a beautiful updo.

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