Ugh! Flu season! Honestly, these past five months have been nothing but one big ball of sickness for the hubs and me. Looking back…since October, we haven’t had four consecutive weeks where one of us wasn’t sick! That’s crazy, right? Something is seriously wrong with my body if I can’t fight off a simple cold virus.
My mom says I don’t take enough zinc.
My dad says I don’t eat enough steak.
I say I don’t drink enough vodka.

Okay, so clearly the latter is just wishful thinking. Although, steak…I wish it was as simple as that. My mouth is watering at the thought of a juicy burger right now. But, I digress.

Our house has been one big petri dish–with Sean and I spreading our germs back and forth. I’m finally feeling human again today (although I still can’t breathe) after three and a half days of misery. Trying to write a love scene while every time you swallow it feels like you ate razor blades? Not exactly good for getting me in a sexy mood to write.

But–not to fear. I’m back and burning the midnight oil now! Hope everyone else is feeling good and avoiding this last bought of nasty cold virus going around!

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