Shower Markers

Okay, friends–I cannot take credit for this discovery. It was over on CopyBloggers…but how BRILLIANT is this for all writers?

As he mentions over on his blog, there is scientific reasoning as to why we all get great ideas in the shower. I personally spend a lot of time in the shower because I have very long, thick hair that requires a long time washing, rinsing and repeating (I mean, c’mon. Have you SEEN my profile pic? I’m like Cousin It! Only hopefully more fabulous…).

But these shower markers make it so you can have all the ideas you WANT while there. Also–my husband is a comic book artist and I have a feeling he would just have fun graffiti-ing our shower. So yeah…there’s that. I have a feeling my niece and nephew are gonna be PRETTY jealous when they see our bath toys!

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