Seeking Street Team Members for Kat’s Kittens!

Hey readers! Soooo, I am at that point where I am finally looking for a small group of people to join my street team! It’s very easy and very fun and all in all won’t require much of your time or energy (because WHO has excess of that? And if we do, it should be spent reading, AMIRIGHT?!?!)

So…you think you might be kitten material, right? You’re cute, cuddly, love to read and especially loved reading the Soul Stripper series?  If you think this might be for you, first thing’s first (keep reading), and pop on over to our private facebook page at Kat’s Kittens and request to join!

You’re a Potential Kitten if…

-Katana is one of your favorite authors.
-You love the Soul Stripper series.
-You’re a fan of super steamy erotic romance novels.
-You enjoy connecting with other readers and authors.
-You want to laugh, play, and receive and win fun prizes.

What Would I Have to Do?

Above all else, this should be a fun experience for you! There are options (listed below), but I will also post missions as they’re needed to the Facebook page. Basically, the only thing required for you to get started is a Facebook account!

What Do I Get Out of It?

Community. Swag. Gifts. Prizes. Exclusive clips from my work in progress novels. Characters named after you. The possibilities are endless.

Find the ball of yarn that works for you.

Missions are always optional! You should never feel obligated to participate, however to retain an active membership, it would be great if you could check in about once a week. Most missions will only require about 5 minutes of your time and are very simple! Share your honest thoughts about my books or writing on your blog or web site. Share my posts or updates via Facebook or Twitter. The most important thing is that you have fun and share books you love with people you think might enjoy my work.

Rules and Regulations (I use those terms VERY loosely)

When you choose a Kitten Mission that you’re excited about, let me know what you’re doing by posting or emailing me links or pictures or anything you’ve got so I can give you a thank you in return.

If you’re doing in-person missions, I will mail you a promo package with bookmarks, postcards, and various goodies to share with booksellers and bookstores, friends, the grocery store clerk, random book-reading strangers, etc. When and if you need more, let me know. If you need less, let me know that, too. I’ll always include a gift for you, too, just to say thanks.

If you’re only doing online Book Love sharing, I’ll just send you a couple of bookmarks for yourself, and that little special thank-you gift!

You’re welcome to pick as many missions as you wish, of course—after all, the more you do, the more potential for fun gifts! And they don’t have to be for the same book. Whatever works for you is much appreciated and all that I ask is that you enjoy your tasks and playtime with other kittens!

Yarn Options:

In Person

-If you’re going to buy a book, consider buying it during release week (the first week it’s out). Bestsellers are made by the first week of sales!

-Visit your local bookstore(s). Talk with the bookseller, chat about my book(s), ask to put bookmarks in all of the copies and see if they will allow you to leave promo materials at the sales or information desk.

-Visit your local chain store(s) that would also sell the book (Target, Walmart, drug stores, etc) and put the bookmarks in the books. If you don’t see the book on the shelves, ask the manager to stock it.

-Visit your library(s) and tell the librarian all about why you love the books. Ask them to order them if they haven’t already. Ask to leave promo materials at the desk.

-Talk to your local Reader Groups about reading the book. Share promotional materials with them. Set up Skype style reader group talk with me to discuss the story.

-Talk the books up to your friends, family, neighbors, manicurist, hairdresser, barista, ANYONE! Give out bookmarks, swag, and recruit other kittens!


-Chat about the book and why you love it online to your friends, reader groups, Twitter pals, blog readers, Tribers, Facebook friends, chat group buddies, anyone and everyone you think might be interested. Send them to my websites and share the love.

-If you’ve read the book and are comfortable doing so, write a review. Any review you give is great, but reviews when the book is first released help the most! Post the review on Amazon, Goodreads, or Barnes & Noble as well as your blog if you have one!

-‘Like’ the book (both paperback and Kindle) on Amazon, or on Barnes & Noble. The more likes a book gets, the better chance readers will see it.

-Add the book to your “To Be Read” piles on Goodreads. Specifically, prior to a book’s release is when the TBR piles are most effective! (Wicked Exposure, book 1 of my new erotic suspense series was JUST put on GR a few weeks ago)

-Host or interview me on your blog, or share my book trailers and covers.

-Share or retweet my book news, posts, random chatter (every now and then I have very funny, clever things to say! ;).

-Come by and visit me when I’m blogging, or in a chat, or wandering unchaperoned around the web, wondering where I am.

Before you join our litter of kittens, a warning so not to end up in the litter box!

I love my readers and appreciate any support and sharing you’re willing to give! But over-sharing is a dangerous thing, especially online. Many of us are inundated with status updates and retweets. Once, twice a week is fabulous. Once, twice a day might result in de-friending, interventions, and cat fights. However, you know your friends and readership best. Go with what feels good, but never feel obligated to meow from a hot tin roof or offer up praise I didn’t earn.



  1. Tina Marie says:

    i am so excited to
    Be a part of KittyKat Crew You give Some really KickAss Reads!!!❤️

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