Organize Your Office: 5 Easy DIY Projects

As most of you know… I work from home. And as some of you may know… my husband and I are also renovating a new home and about to move (May 1st, EEK!). Renovating is fun but sooooo stressful and there’s a lot out of my control. For example… I can’t hang dry wall or fix cracked plaster ceilings! But, I CAN be planning my office here from the comfort of my clean kitchen and begin some small DIY projects that I know will be a HUGE payoff once we move in!

I found these various ideas on Pinterest and so I highly suggest you pop on over to the original sites (Which I will link here) and see the full how to DIYs!

These first two ideas all come from one place: The genius people at Life Hack. I highly recommend checking out their whole article.

1. Binder Clips to Organize cords
This. Is. Genius. And frankly… it doesn’t even freaking count as DIY because you’re LITERALLY JUST CLIPPING THEM TO YOUR DESK. 










2. Mason Jar Organizers.
I LOVE mason jars. I’m not kidding when I say, I usually have a pack of 12 at any given time in my home just WAITING for an awesome DIY. I also love that this is SUPER simple. I would maybe paint them as well, just for fun, but that’s just me. Basically, the directions just say to hot glue them together. That’s all!










3. Old Book Mail Organizer

I found this project on Pinterest from Beyond the Picket Fence and I’m literally (NO JOKE) going to a flea market tomorrow to try to find old hard cover books for this! You can find the full tutorial at the link above.















4. Oversized Message Board
This might be my favorite project here. It comes from Better Homes and Gardens blog. Basically, all it is is a large piece of glass (so you can use dry erase markers on it) with the back painted. The tricky part is it looks like they custom built a frame around it. That’s a bit much for MY DIY heart. However, I BET I could find a large picture frame from Michael’s when sale time comes and paint the back of the glass… Hmmmm. But overall, this board? It would be PERFECT for plotting my novels!











5. DIY Chalkboard Calendar
Okay, I lied. THIS is my favorite piece. This chalkboard calendar is so cute and                            would be so helpful in keeping me on top of my deadlines! It comes from
Sincerely Sara’d. I will say that of all the DIY listed here, it seems like the most                            complicated. While not impossible, it would take a bit of time and precise painting                    necessary for that beautiful script she has in the picture. BUT MAN would it be                            worth it!

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