Longer Lasting Nail Polish – Gel Manicures

Okay–full disclosure: I have awful nails. Like, truly terrible. I’d post a picture if I wasn’t so damn sensitive about them! ;0) But honestly, I have short, stubby fingers and the backs of my hands are all veiny. On top of that, I bite my nails AND my cuticles are constantly dry and cracking.

So, anyway. I’ve been working really hard on not biting my nails. And with all the events I have coming up, I desperately want the manicures that I DO get to last. Because normally, I’m quite the klutz. The second I exit the salon, I look down and my nails are either chipped or smeared. THAT’S ME! I’m that girl!

So, a friend recently told me about the gel manicures–they last a minimum of 14 days and are perfect if you have a lot of events coming up. I WISH someone had told me about this before my wedding! But the best part about gel manicures? They are IMMEDIATELY dry. Like–IMMEDIATELY. There is no smearing as I pick up my purse or (in the winter) go to slide my arms into my coat.

I’ve heard that they sometimes aren’t great for your nails–if you get them too often; but I will probably alternate between gel and regular manicures just to be safe. Anyone else out there try it? Or not like it? What are your thoughts?


  1. Alyssa Cole says:

    I want to try them but I’m lazy, and I think you have to go to the salon to have the nail polish removed. Grown out gel manicures are not the look! :p

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