Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone!

At 7pm last night, I finished book 3 (SOUL SURRENDER) in the Soul Stripper series! I celebrated with an iced coffee and dinner with the hubs. This is usually the time that I take a day off, relax, go to the beach…but unfortunately, my best friend and beach buddy is currently in Chile laying out without me.

While for others, Fridays are the party day–the last work day before two glorious and blissful days off. But for me? They are like my Wednesday. Tomorrow I have a big day of photoshoots (6, to be exact!) and on Sunday I have a sweet little newborn session.

So…as my big celebration this morning for having finished my book, I stayed in bed an extra thirty minutes. WOO-HOO. Also, I feel this photo sums up my Friday morning pretty well.
Only instead of a cat named Cat, it’s a chihuahua named Bebop laying on me.

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