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I get really stressed out when I have to guest blog somewhere. Like…REALLY stressed out. The kind of stressed out where you eat a bag of Hershey kisses, dunk your head in cold water then proceed to curl up on the couch in fetal position.

Okay, that might have been a lie. I eat two bags of kisses.

Anyway, this is the reason I don’t guest blog on many sites. First of all–what the heck do people write about? Second, there’s usually some sort of contest that goes along with the post…do I have to choose the winners? Send the prizes? I know there’s random comment picker/generator things so that it’s fair, but WHAT IF I DO IT WRONG!?!?! I’m kind of a perfectionist. And lastly, some of these sites have specific themes they want you to write around. Like, for example, spring. SPRING.

Seems easy, right? I assure you it is NOT. At least not for this girl. And this one is supposed to be easy–all I have to do is find a passage in my book that is related to spring. Only–I don’t know that that passage actually exists in my book nor do I have time to go through and read the dang thing for the fifteen billionth time in its existence on this silly planet called Earth.

Oh, the woes of a writer, huh? Happy Wednesday to all my lovelies reading out there! I’m off to scour for spring…


  1. lol! I feel you on the whole guest post thing, back when I had my original blog and was very into blogging another blogger/author friend asked me to do a guest post for her blog. ME. An ordinary plain ole reviewer/blogger…. not someone published or famous. The topic? What piece of lingerie would I use to turn on my lover. First, I had no lover. Second, my lingerie collection was seriously lacking. In the end I just made up a short little story about going lingerie shopping for the perfect little outfit to tease my fictional boyfriend. Surprisingly people liked it. (Most likely because I included pictures of the hot items I found on the net in my post.)

    Now, with my new book blog whenever I request that an author do a guest post (or they offer, which ever happens first) I leave the subject entirely up to them as well as the word count. I absolutely HATE having to stick to a specific word count or theme when it comes to writing. I mean, sometimes I don’t have just 300 words! Sometimes I have 306 or 60. As long as it gets my point across what does it matter its length? Let me have my creative writing darnit! You can’t control me! lol.

    I’m completely convinced that authors should be allowed to guest post about whatever they want. Be it about their book, themselves, that annoying neighbor next door. That way there really isn’t any pressure to match any particular theme.

    Any who, before I write you a book I’ll post this comment. (Seriously, this happens every. Single. Time that I find myself unable to sleep and on someones blog, lol. Sorry. :} )

    • LOL!!!!!! Omg, I snorted my Sunday morning coffee when I read about the “what piece of lingerie” part! I mean, I’m a boudoir photographer by day, so lingerie is nothing new to me, but having to write a whole blog about it. Wow. Now, maybe I’ll give that a try just for fun! (Though, quite honestly, I’ve never seen the appeal of lingerie for myself. It feels awkward. And 9 times out of 10, it’s ripped right off within minutes!)

      • lol! Sorry about your coffee. I’m with you, lingerie does feel awkward, I feel most sexiest in just panties and tank top, anything more than that and I’m like, “well this is just awkward.” lol

        … Isn’t it awesome the kind of topics that pop up from random blog posts, lol… you’re welcome. 😉

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