CRUSH AND BURN: Unknown Callers

Phone calls. Oh, how I HATE receiving a phone call from a number I don’t recognize. It seriously gives me heart palpitations. And THEN if said caller doesn’t leave me a voice mail…UGH! It’s like floating down Awful River towards Sucktown in a canoe named Terrible with Captain Wretched. And then I spend the rest of the day/night agonizing over WHO THE HELL CALLED ME? What could they have wanted? What if it was important and why, oh, why am I so stupid to screen my calls.

Then usually after hours of stressing, I press the button and redial the number, cringing with each ring and silently praying Pleasedon’tanswerPleasedon’tanswerPleasedon’tanswer…

However, a friend of mine recently introduced me to SLYDIAL. This is BRILLIANT. It’s a program in which you call a number through another number and it will direct you straight to their voicemail. Slydial…if you ever need a spokesperson, call me. Katana Collins will proudly sing your praises!

Which leads me to another CRUSH AND BURN list.

This week’s BURN list goes to:

1) Unknown Callers who don’t leave messages.
2) Taxes. This time of year is a one-way ticket to Sucktown, too.
3) Missing board game pieces.




And this week’s CRUSH list goes to:

1) Slydial (duh).
2) Gidget movies. Particularly the first one with Sandra Dee. I even made Sean watched it and he didn’t throw up! That’s a win!
3) New workout clothes. It was time to trade up from my ripped yoga pants.
4) Salami and cream cheese. Don’t mock…it’s delicious. Try it!

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