Costume Anxiety

October is my absolute-hands down favorite month ever! I love the chilly weather that’s not so frigid that I require my marshmallow down coat yet. I love apple picking and pumpkin carving and cider and fallen leaves and the beautiful oranges and reds that are sprinkled across the earth.

I just LOVE it.

But every year around Halloween, I get super anxious–WHAT DO I DRESS UP AS?? First of all, Sean and I are completely unorganized when it comes to our personal lives. We never plan ahead–particularly when it comes to Halloween, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. So, usually a couple of weeks before Halloween, I realize that we are TOTAL losers who have no plans yet. And who wants to buy a costume if you have nowhere to go???

It’s been an admittedly crazy month for us–crazier than normal. So, we both sort of just want to stay in tonight. But we also both sort of want to go out…it’s a conundrum.

So, after racking my brain–Sean and I have two backup costumes in the case that A) We finish work in time to go somewhere and B) We get invited to go somewhere. Anywhere.

No, seriously. Are you having a party? Can we come? Can we help pass out candy to cute trick-or-treaters? ::sigh::

The Plan B costumes we settled on?

Greasers. For me: Leggings, tight knit top, belt, neck scarf, leather jacket and cool 50s makeup.

For Sean: Tight black tshirt, Leather jacket, Jeans, gelled hair.

Yeah, we’re awesome like that. And by awesome…….

I clearly mean ‘lame.’


  1. Grease is a classic! Definitely not lame and I’ve never thought how easy that is as a back-up costume! Genius. Hope you don’t mind if there is one more Greaser wandering around next Halloween…

  2. Sophy Ramirez says:

    Sophy Mojica on Facebook (maiden name)
    A back-up costume is a great idea! So what did you and Sean decide to dress up as? Any pictures?

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