Coach & Signed Paperback Giveaways!!!

Hey friends! It’s SNOWING here… and I’m waiting on the blizzard-like winds to begin. The upside? It’s a great day to stay in and get all the writing done my little fingers can handle! The downside? Well… snow. Snow. And more snow. It’s only January 4th and I’m already SO over winter!

To try to beat those winter blues, I decided to run another giveaway! This one is a bit different because I’m attempting it through Rafflecopter (which is really great at keeping track of entries meaning less work for me!)

There’s a bunch of ways to enter–But first, start by going to the giveaway itself right here.

To enter, you can follow me on Instagram, on Twitter, or Facebook as well as signing up for my newsletter, or following me on Amazon and Bookbub are all entries. AND if you already follow me all those places, all you have to do is a click a few buttons because you’re already entered in the giveaway!!!!

The giveaway ends on Tuesday, January 9th!

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