Book Trailers…Worth the Work?

I’m coming up to that point where I need to decide whether or not to create a book trailer. When they are well done, I think they are fabulous and a great promotional tool. However, I’ve seen many that are–well, for lack of a better word, we’ll call them “less than stellar.”

And I fully admit that this is absolutely just my opinion. There are probably lots of readers who peruse YouTube for book trailers just to see what’s coming and get excited about new releases. And that’s fabulous! Some writers would probably prefer to have something uploaded, even if it’s not perfect, to create interest rather than nothing at all. I, however, feel quite the opposite way.

This is obviously the perfectionist in me talking. But if I am going to do something–I want it to be absolutely fabulous. I don’t want to use pixelated, free stock images and Papyrus font that essentially just copies the back cover text. I want to use B-Roll. Film an actress who looks like my character. Have a narrator. However–that is a ton more work and money to pay actors, videographer and even more time.

So, I’m curious. Is it worth it? Anyone out there created a book trailer that got a lot of hits despite using low-res stock images? Anyone out there that invested a lot of money into their trailer just to find it only got 10 hits on YouTube? Or was your experience the opposite? You invested money and it was a hit and a ton more people knew you existed because of it?

I want to know! And when I experience it for myself…I will certainly keep everyone updated!


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