3 Tips to Make the BEST Pina Colada EVER!

Do you like Pina Coladas???? And getting songs stuck in your head???

It’s July. Officially beach weather. And nothing completes a beach day more than a pina colada in hand! Yes, of course you can buy the pre-made mixes and blend them at home but the fresh made stuff is SOOOO much better and honestly, not that hard!

I use this recipe from the Food Network along with just a couple of tips I’ve learned along the way to make it even better!


Happy National Wine Day!… (and a Giveaway!)

Happy National Wine Day!
Or as I like to call it… Thursday! 😉
















To celebrate, I’m hosting a giveaway of Helen McGinn’s book, A Very Nice Glass of Wine: A Guided Journal and a box of wine wipes!

I found Helen’s book when I was shopping at TJMax and I knew it was the perfect giveaway for my wine-loving readers out there! I mean… seriously, raise your hand if you read with a glass of wine at night… *raises hand*
Anyway, I ALSO found this box of wine wipes! After you’re done with your wine, you can slip into the bathroom and wipe your teeth to prevent stains! I’m in love with these! Of course, if I’m home, I can just brush my teeth, but out and about? They’re perfect for just tossing into my purse on the go!

For details on how to win a copy of A Very Nice Glass of Wine and a box of Wine Wipes, pop on over to my Facebook page! You’ll have to be a fan of my page and while there, LIKE & COMMENT on the post on my Facebook page and tell me what your favorite wine is and what you’re currently reading!
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Open internationally until May 29, 2017.


ARCs Available for ENFORCER!

Anyone want an ARC of Enforcer (Harrison Street Crew #3)???





It is my FAVORITE in the series so far and I cannot wait for you all to read it!

You can either sign up for the blog tour blitz (link below) OR if you prefer to send me your netgalley email, St. Martin’s will send you the ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Thanks guys!

Worse than bad. Hotter than hot. These are the bad boys of the Harrison Street Crew, and they answer to no one. They take what they want. And what they want is you.

Ryan Gallagher is the one who does the dirty work. The brute force in the Harrison Street Crew, he lives to have the club all for his own one day. But the one thing he can’t have is Megan Mahoney—the one woman he’s loved since she was a teenager who needed saving.

Megan never forgot the all-consuming passion she felt for Ryan, her larger-than-life, wild teenage love. But coming from a hard, shocking past has left her broken and scared—and untrusting of the Harrison Street Crew. Ten years later, she’s back in Ryan’s world to claim a promise he made to her years ago. And even though she knows she shouldn’t fall for him, Ryan still has an explosive, sensual pull on her that she can’t ignore.

Ryan’s powerful love for Megan is the only thing that could ever soothe the tempestuous beast that roars in his soul. And when she comes back to him to aid her in a dangerous quest—a deadly revenge plot he swore he would be a part of years ago—Ryan can’t say no. He lives to protect this woman. He will die loving this woman. And as the stakes get higher, the love that they have kept hidden all these years explodes and goes further and deeper than either of them expected. But with a dark threat from Megan’s past thrust headlong into their lives, can their love win out?

Sweet Pea Hummus

Hey bookworms!!

I just turned in my latest Harrison Street Crew book to my editor and PHEW. Has it been a crazy couple of weeks! With moving to the new house (we’re STILL unpacking, y’all) and my deadline (did you see Simcoe’s note? hehe) along with our sad little trip to London that was canceled AND Sean signing at Free Comic Book Day… it’s just been a whirlwind. And I am exhausted. Amidst all this craziness, I always have a hard time eating healthy and finding the time to cook.

While on deadline, I made this sweet pea hummus which I swear I lived off of for a good couple of days! I ate it with fresh cut veggies–carrots and peppers for lunch. I used it as a side dish on my chicken for dinner. And I even spread some on my sandwiches for lunch.

It’s healthy, simple, and EASY to make! So, naturally, dear readers, I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy!








  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 2 cups shelled peas, fresh or frozen
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 2 Tbsp tahini
  • 3 Tbsp chopped fresh mint (spearmint)
  • 2 Tbsp sour cream (optional; I left this out because I was trying to limit my dairy)
  • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
  • Salt to taste
  • Red Pepper Flakes (for spice, to taste)

    1) Sauté onions and garlic: (Do I really need to describe this? If you don’t know how to saute onions and garlic, I recommend you go check out Youtube real quick 😉  Anyway, add the chopped onion and sauté until soft and translucent, but not browned, about 4-5 minutes.

    2) Add peas and water, boil: (Again, pretty sure y’all know how to boil peas, but just in case!…) Add the peas and the water, cover and bring to a boil. Let this cook 5 minutes.

    3) Drain the Peas, Garlic, and Onions: I’m really not explaining this one.

    4) Purée in food processor: Put the peas and onions into the bowl of a food processor and add all the remaining ingredients. Pulse until you have a rough purée. Serve chilled.

A Note from Simcoe

Hey guys! It’s me… Simcoe. I’m here snuggling next to my mommy. She’s been on that flat, glowing screen thing a lot lately. I think you all call it a … laptop? Yeah, that’s what it is. A laptop. Anyway, she keeps talking about something called a deadline and murmuring to herself about how moving during a deadline was stupid.

She also forgot to feed me this morning. So all in all, I’m not a fan of this ‘deadline’ thing she keeps talking about. I even tried giving her my favorite ball this morning, but when I dropped it on the laptop thingy, she just tossed it aside. I don’t think she really knows the proper way to fetch. I’ll have to teach her another time.

Anyway, while she’s working, I thought I’d pop in and say hi and just tell you all she’ll be back soon!

Sexy Smiles – Charcoal Toothpaste

Sexy Smiles with Katana Collins & Danielle Eaton – Charcoal Toothpaste

Hey Bookworms! So, my girl Danielle Eaton and I decided to experiment with different (ie – disgusting) ways to whiten our teeth in this new Sexy Smiles Series… because nothing is as sexy as a beautiful smile. Am I right or am I right? 😉

In this first video, we try our hands at Activated Charcoal Powder toothpaste. It’s a bit like brushing with… well, watch to find out.

Driving Playlist – Patrick in OUTLAW

I never had an appreciation for driving until I met my

husband. When we were in college, he drove a yellow

CRX. It only sat two of us in these deep bucket seats.

And it had huge speakers that would blast music in our

ears over the sound of the wind blowing through the

open windows. It was a stick shift and Sean used to

hold my hand over the stick shift so that he could

change gears but still have his hand on mine.

We would make a date with no other plan outside of

grabbing a couple of coffees, getting behind the wheel,

and seeing where the day took us. It was exciting. It was

adventurous. And most of all, it was romantic.

While everybody has a different taste in music, the playlist to which you drive is hugely

important. Mine and Sean’s playlist (which way back then, we had to select and pack the CDs

we wanted to hear. There were no iPods yet! I know, I KNOW… I’m aging myself 😉 ) varied

depending on the season, our moods, and to be honest, we have such different taste in music, it was

always a compromise.

So while I was writing OUTLAW, the soundtrack to which my hero, Patrick Flanagan, would drive to

was extremely important to me. Patrick had a lot of trauma as a teenager. He handled the grief of

loss by embracing his playful, humorous side. Because “If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.” But beneath

that, he still had a darkness. Much like most members of the Harrison Street Crew.


So, here are Patrick Flanagan’s top 10 driving songs:

1) Black Betty by RAM JAM

2) Highway to Hell by AC/DC

3) Paradise By the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf and Ellen Foley

4) Radar Love by Golden Earring

5) Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

6) Summer of ’69 by Bryan Adams (He would never admit this to his crew. They would

annihilate him.)

7) Here I Go Again by Whitesnake

8) Paradise City by Guns ’N Roses

9) Spirit In The Sky by Norman Greenbaum

10) Riders on the Storm by The Doors

So there you have it! I’m not exactly one who listens to music while I write, but in the first high-

speed chase scene in chapter 1, I listened to at least half of the songs while writing it. So go

grab a loved one, your favorite playlist, and hop in the car!


All three parts of Outlaw are now available in a discounted boxed set! 😉 Check it out and enjoy!

J.Kenner Release Me Giveaway!!!


** Giveaway Time!!! **

While I’m recovering from moving and a failed attempt at a vacation, let’s share the love of books! Today we’re going to celebrate Books and Friday with a Giveaway!

Have you read Release Me by J. Kenner? It’s one of my favorites! We have a signed copy and an awesome J.Kenner swag pack and bag, just for one of you!

To Enter: Go over to my Facebook page and LIKE & COMMENT on the giveaway post.
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Open internationally until May 4, 2017. Must be a fan of my Facebook Page.

April Showers Bring May Reading!

April is almost over, but if your climate is anything like mine, it’s still pretty chilly and the rain is coming down HARD. And lately? It feels like no end is in sight. I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna choose to see the glass half full! Rainy days are perfect not only for WRITING, but also for reading! And with all these incredible books out, it’s time to snuggle in under a blanket and fuzzy socks and crack open a new read. =)   And because I love sharing and sharing is caring — here’s a few of my favorite rainy day reads!

  1. Write Naked by Jennifer Probst
    This is definitely more for the writers out there, but I am LOVING my girl, Jennifer’s latest release. This book is chockfull of wonderfully inspiring stories and helpful tips that are PRACTICAL. I mean, I’ve already read it once and am diving back in for a second read now! No matter how far we get, we are never too far along to keep learning.
  2. Anchor Me by J.Kenner
    In full disclosure, if you haven’t read the first three in the series, you should go check that out now. 😉 Release Me, Claim Me, and Complete Me… and Anchor Me is the fourth installment of Damien Stark, the powerful multimillionaire who’s never had to take “no” for an answer, and his beloved wife Nikki Fairchild Stark, the Southern belle who only says “yes” on her own terms. The series is GREAT and the perfect rainy weekend read!
  3. Ride Rough by Laura Kaye
    If you love reading motorcycle club books, then you HAVE to check out Laura Kaye’s Raven Riders. They are sexy and suspenseful and will keep you turning those pages while rain patters on your window.
  4. Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick
    This read had me laughing out loud! And it was even better in audiobook form! Anna Kendrick… read her. Love her.
  5. Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty
    If you haven’t heard of this book, then you’ve probably been living under a rock. 😉 It’s also an HBO series that’s just beginning with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. But I HIGHLY recommend you read the book before watching!

Organize Your Office: 5 Easy DIY Projects

As most of you know… I work from home. And as some of you may know… my husband and I are also renovating a new home and about to move (May 1st, EEK!). Renovating is fun but sooooo stressful and there’s a lot out of my control. For example… I can’t hang dry wall or fix cracked plaster ceilings! But, I CAN be planning my office here from the comfort of my clean kitchen and begin some small DIY projects that I know will be a HUGE payoff once we move in!

I found these various ideas on Pinterest and so I highly suggest you pop on over to the original sites (Which I will link here) and see the full how to DIYs!

These first two ideas all come from one place: The genius people at Life Hack. I highly recommend checking out their whole article.

1. Binder Clips to Organize cords
This. Is. Genius. And frankly… it doesn’t even freaking count as DIY because you’re LITERALLY JUST CLIPPING THEM TO YOUR DESK. 










2. Mason Jar Organizers.
I LOVE mason jars. I’m not kidding when I say, I usually have a pack of 12 at any given time in my home just WAITING for an awesome DIY. I also love that this is SUPER simple. I would maybe paint them as well, just for fun, but that’s just me. Basically, the directions just say to hot glue them together. That’s all!










3. Old Book Mail Organizer

I found this project on Pinterest from Beyond the Picket Fence and I’m literally (NO JOKE) going to a flea market tomorrow to try to find old hard cover books for this! You can find the full tutorial at the link above.















4. Oversized Message Board
This might be my favorite project here. It comes from Better Homes and Gardens blog. Basically, all it is is a large piece of glass (so you can use dry erase markers on it) with the back painted. The tricky part is it looks like they custom built a frame around it. That’s a bit much for MY DIY heart. However, I BET I could find a large picture frame from Michael’s when sale time comes and paint the back of the glass… Hmmmm. But overall, this board? It would be PERFECT for plotting my novels!











5. DIY Chalkboard Calendar
Okay, I lied. THIS is my favorite piece. This chalkboard calendar is so cute and                            would be so helpful in keeping me on top of my deadlines! It comes from
Sincerely Sara’d. I will say that of all the DIY listed here, it seems like the most                            complicated. While not impossible, it would take a bit of time and precise painting                    necessary for that beautiful script she has in the picture. BUT MAN would it be                            worth it!