A Note from Simcoe

Hey guys! It’s me… Simcoe. I’m here snuggling next to my mommy. She’s been on that flat, glowing screen thing a lot lately. I think you all call it a … laptop? Yeah, that’s what it is. A laptop. Anyway, she keeps talking about something called a deadline and murmuring to herself about how moving during a deadline was stupid.

She also forgot to feed me this morning. So all in all, I’m not a fan of this ‘deadline’ thing she keeps talking about. I even tried giving her my favorite ball this morning, but when I dropped it on the laptop thingy, she just tossed it aside. I don’t think she really knows the proper way to fetch. I’ll have to teach her another time.

Anyway, while she’s working, I thought I’d pop in and say hi and just tell you all she’ll be back soon!

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