3 Little Known Facts About Capturing You

3 Little Known Facts about Capturing You

1) The town of Maple Grove is based on Laconia, NH where my husband is from.
2) In the book, Lydia is told she has a very small chance of conceiving her own children. While our situations are different, I pulled a bit from reality here because I most likely can’t bear children, either. Writing this book was like therapy.
3) Maddie, Cam’s daughter, was written with my best friend’s daughter in mind. Even some of her lines are pulled directly from things she said to me when she was younger!
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After discovering she can’t have children, Lydia Ryder has all but convinced herself that she doesn’t need a family to be happy. But when her job as a magazine photographer lands her in the small town of Maple Grove, NH, a precocious ten year old and her single father barge into Lydia’s life, turning what she thinks she wants onto its head. In this town full of happily ever afters, Lydia finds herself wishing for things she had sworn off long ago…

When Cameron Tripp’s wife passed away from heart disease, he thought he’d never find love again. He certainly never would have expected a woman like Lydia Ryder to waltz into his life and awaken his dormant heart and libido. But despite his better judgment, Cam finds himself drawn to the vivacious and argumentative outsider.

He quickly learns that, like him, she knows all about misplaced trust, heartbreak, and how quickly a family can fall apart if you let it.

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